GLASS CLAD Timber Frame

GLASS CLAD TIMBER WINDOW “Avangard” is a triple glazed window distinguished by exclusive design with aesthetics and minimalism.

It is a timber window that is completely covered with glass from the outside. has excellent durability characteristics and the highest properties of heat and sound insulation, wind and water (impermeability)  Such a non-standard and unique window affects the optical and aesthetic appearance of the building.

The minimalist-style Avangard windows feature a simple linear design, black glass reflections, and a play of light and shadow.

Technical info:

  • Frame 73 mm thick profiles
  • Sash 78 mm thick profiles
  • Packages in a sash 80 mm thick, the glass package can be made of four panes
  • Three rows of sealing gaskets
  • From the outside, the frame and sash are covered with glass in one plane

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