ALU CLAD SLIM - PH Certified

ALUCLAD SLIM is PassivHaus certified window system with an exceptionally thin timber frame. Windows of this design represent the latest architectural trends, and they blend perfectly into modern and luxurious buildings.

ALUCLAD SLIM is the cornerstone of the ALUCLAD system upgrade with even better features and design. We are the world leader in designing and producing highly exclusive Timber, ALUCLAD Timber as well as GLASS CLAD Timber windows.

ALUCLAD SLIM system delivers better performance than the ALUCLAD timber window system:

  • Higher UW value (m²*K) – 12.5%
  • Thinner frame – 30%
  • Larger area of the glass unit – 28%

ALUCLAD SLIM stands out because of the extremely thin frame that has a cross-section of only 88 mm.  SLIM system’s  are characterised by a particularly thin frame, thanks to our non-standard solutions, an extremely high U-factor value – UW 0.7 W(m²*K) – is obtained.

It has sharp aluminium edges. It is a modern solution for those who love strict and precise lines.

ALUCLAD SLIM windows are manufactured only with hidden hindges that are mounted inside the frames.

These solutions provide modernity and exclusivity, and the windows harmoniously integrate into architectural ideas.

Technical info:

  • UW value 0.7 W(m²*K)
  • Plane from outside and inside
  • Aluminium profile steep edges
  • Various forms of internal decoration are possible
  • Cross-sectional height only 88 mm
  • Only hidden hinges
SLIM installed

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